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Revolutionizing the freelancer marketplace for women

35% of all workers in the United States are currently freelancers, expected to reach a majority of the workforce by 2027

Introduction to Womin.io

Womin.io was created to solve the crisis of freelancers not getting paid for work completed or losing the bulk of their wages to recruiters and other intermediaries.

Womin.io is a decentralized employment marketplace powered by blockchain that provides a platform for employers and freelancers (Smart ContractorsTM) to engage directly on a peer to peer basis, meeting the needs of both in a growing freelancer economy.


Womin.io is providing real time verification of employers and freelancers, eliminating the need for and cost of intermediaries like headhunters and recruiters.


Womin.io is abolishing the waiting game for payment. Before any work commences, employers will escrow the compensation for the work on Womin’s platform using a smart contract powered by blockchain technology.


Smart ContractorsTM and employers have direct and real time access to each other.


Womin.io bridges the gap in workplace diversity by focusing on female freelancers.
Womin.io helps employers meet their own diversity goals by providing them access to our diverse Smart ContractorsTM.

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