The Womin’s Lounge will be held in the Sutton Center, 2nd Floor of the New York Hilton Midtown, unless noted otherwise


Sunday, May 12

6:00 PM Launch of Womin’s Lounge at Consensus 2019 

(Refreshments Sponsored by CKR Law LLP)

Katana Kitten | 531 Hudson St, NYC

Monday, May 13

7:00 AM Consensus: BREAKFAST

9:45 AM Welcome to the Womin’s Lounge

Alexandra Levin Kramer

9:50 AM Fundamentals of Blockchain Technology & Cryptocurrency

Vanessa Grellet

10:00 AM How to Network Efficiently

Raina Casbon-Kelts

10:10 AM Networking Break

10:45 AM How to Overcome the Challenges of Launching a Startup

Moderated by Shannon Grinnell
Panelists: Cathy Henderson & Katie Creaser

11:30 AM NYC: The Growth of Tech and Resources for Blockchain Startups

Karen Bhatia

11:45 AM Emerging technology investments: CannaTech, FitnessTech

Moderated by Karen Cohen
Panelists: Ronit Dvir Bacalu, Archna Desai, ChristyAna Taveras

12:30 PM Consensus: LUNCH

FEED YOUR CURIOSITY – Blockchain Social Impact Panel

Grand Ballroom, 3rd Floor

1:45 PM How to Program Your Money

Moderated by Cathy Henderson
Panelists: Megan Michele Cress & Christopher Hughes

2:00 PM How to Find a Mentor and Be One

Moderated by Rhonda Eldridge
Panelists: Stephanie Verin, Justyna Osowska, Angeleen Wilson

2:45 PM The 5 Camps of Crypto:
A Quick Guide to Understanding the Different Motivations in Crypto

Casey Caruso

3:00 PM Networking Break

3:30 PM Is the US Open for Blockchain Business?

Congressman Warren Davidson & Alexandra Levin Kramer

4:15 PM How to Invest in Crypto Intelligently

Moderated by Eve Halimi
Panelists: Emmie Chang, Elise Rosmarin, Raakhee Miller

5:45 PM Consensus Networking Reception

Tuesday, May 14

7:00 AM Consensus: BREAKFAST

9:00 AM Blockchain: Real World Use Cases

Moderated by Christine Lee
Panelists: Amanda Lim, Sandeep Kaur

9:40 AM Cosmic Crypto: Bringing Authentic Self
to Tech (R)evolution

Yvonne Morabito

9:50 AM Challenges of Blockchain Technology: Security and Scalability

Moderated by Alexandra Kramer
Panelists: Lone Fonss Schroder, Anna Bacher,
Medha Parlikar,

10:30 AM Networking Break

10:45 AM Here Comes The Big One – Riding the Security Token Wave

Alexandra Tinsman

11:00 AM Disrupting the Banking Industry

Moderated by Chelsea Parker
Panelists: Nita Sanger & Sanja Kon

11:45 AM Demographic Decentralization and Diversity

Lindsay Nuon

12:00 PM Consensus: LUNCH – FEED YOUR SOUL – Diversity in Blockchain Panel

Grand Ballroom, 3rd Floor

1:00 PM Audits, SOC Reports and Internal Controls – What Are They and Why Do I Care?

Jeannette Russell-Shepherd

1:10 PM What Institutional Investors are Looking for in the Crypto-economy and Blockchain technology

Moderated by Manana Samuseva
Panelists: Juwan Lee, Nisa Amoils, Stephanie Vaughan, Julie Plavnik, Cindy Mallory

1:40 PM Social Impact Investing

Moderated by Anu Bhardwaj
Panelists: Fereshteh Forough, Grace Torrellas, Ksenia Semenova

2:10 PM How to be An Angel Investor in Blockchain Startups

Donna Redel

2:20 PM Networking Break

3:00 PM The New Leadership of Conscious Capitalism

Irina Berkon

3:15 PM How to Partner with Big Industry Players

Kelly LeValley Hunt

3:25 PM How Can Blockchain Technology Be Regulated?

Moderated by Megan Penick
Panelists: Diana Barrero Zalles, Lindsay Danas Cohen, Diana Stern, Jenny Leung, Ramona Tudorancea

5:45 PM Consensus Networking Reception

Wednesday, May 15

7:00 AM Consensus: BREAKFAST

9:00 AM “Who Is the Blockchain Consumer and What Does She Really Want?”

Charlie Oliver

9:10 AM Cryptocurrency Mania: How Does it Actually Affect the Price?

Moderated by Era Qian
Panelists: Lindsay Joo & Lidia Yadlos

9:30 AM Valuation Methodologies for Early-Stage Blockchain Ventures

Victoria Yampolsky

9:50 AM Why Join an Accelerator: Pros & Cons

Moderated by Mahoney Turnbull
Panelists: Dmytro Pokhylko (Columbia IBM), Isabella Fantini (dLab/SOSV), Caroline Toch (Techstars)

10:10 AM How to Trade Digital Assets

Moderated by Jonathan C. Dunsmoor
Panelists: Tara Annison, Olivia Chow, Kelvy Ko

10:30 AM Towards a Global Crypto Friendly Index

Ana Pochesneva

10:40 AM How Blockchain Can Be Used For Social Good

Alishba Imran

10:50 AM Networking Break

12:00 PM Consensus: LUNCH

Grand Ballroom, 3rd Floor

6:00 PM Womin’s Lounge Closing Event featuring Awards to Fereshteh Forough and Rhonda Eldridge

(Hosted by CKR Charitable Foundation)

NYC Blockchain Center | 54 W 21 St, Suite 1001, NYC